Rigoli MVZ

MVZ Packaging Printer

Here's a sneak peek at the new memjet packaging printer from Rigoli. More info to come over the follow weeks.



     What makes the MVZ950 unique?


  • Most important: no need to cut the web (media) to perform print head cleaning. Users are not requested anymore to prepare their images in a single, huge print job, and risking to have print quality defects due to the lack of print head conditioning during longer printings. Jobs can be submitted subsequently, the MVZ stitches them together.
  • 1600x1600dpi printing resolution at 9m/min speed, or 1600x800dpi  at 18m/min speed, brought by Memjetā€™s single pass wide format technology.
  • The MVZ uses CMYKK, water based dye inks. The unit is accepting the regular 2L cartridges, but already prepared to work with the 10L bulk tanks. The 1.2 picoliter drop size assures instant drying time, no need for any additional drying device.
  • The MVZ supports up to 1067mm media width, and comes with an industrial unwinder and rewinder suitable even for jumbo rolls. The rewinding options are printed-side-up, or printed-side-down.
  • The MVZ could be equipped with a buffering unit, that allows to install the printer inline with other production lines, such as packaging, cutting, laminating systems.
  • Silent operations, low power consumption: less, then 2KW in operation.
  • With the MVZ unit family we are aiming mainly for the packaging industry. The unique features of the MVZ950 allows the users to do their low-middle long print runs in-house. The digital printing technology allows customisation without extra costs. Full color printing without the need of recalibrate the printer between jobs.